5 Most Hilarious Personal Ringtones

Lately I’ve been setting personal ringtones for my contacts (which I will post a tutorial of soon) and I have found some hilarious ones to set. These ringtones are set up like wine pairings. I tell you who they go well with.

  • F*ck You By Cee Lo Green. I recommend this for your boss, your parents, your girlfriend/boyfriend (Get it?), your bill collector or bank, and other people that get on your nerves. Just be careful that those people are never within earshot when they call you
  • “Lonely” By Akon for the neediest person in your life. Does your girlfriend or daughter or friend call and text you constantly.
  • “White And Nerdy” By weird Al. This is a parody of “Ridin Dirty” and is good for your geeky PC or Mac obsessed friend. Listen to it yourself below. This is a personal favorite. Do I Classify as this?
  • “I love my Drugs” written by David Brody. This is good for your “stoner” friend who wears a hoodie all day and texts you rambles that don’t make sense.
  • “Do I Creep You Out?” by Weird Al. This is for your quagmire like friends and people who you met at a party that won’t stop calling you. I know you guys will say “Why Another Weird Al?”. Because he’s a classic O.K? If you have any ideas for songs that could make the list then leave a comment.

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