The Wiki Game Is Now on iphone-Review

Recently I’ve been addicted to . The Wiki Game is basically a competition where you try to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time or least clicks. Also recently they have come out with an iphone app.

The Intuitive Game Interface

The Wiki Game ($0.99) is the mobile version of the game. For $.99 this game provides a solid portable version of the game.

Pros: The app is very solid. There are less bugs than most apps. The app is a lot of fun to play and in the process you learn a lot. The app is very fast and features a very nice Game Center integration with rankings and a cool three coin system that rates your game like an angry Birds level. There are at least five full modes of play.

Cons: The fact that there is no multiplayer makes this version of the game a lot less fun. I talked with the developer who said that there is only a small chance multiplayer is ever available. The game is simply designed to be more fun when you can play your friends.

Conclusion: If you don’t mind spending a buck and you want a game that requires some knowledge then this is a very good game for you. The competition aspect is very weak so be sure to try this on the website first and make sure you like it.

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Rating: Good not Great

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