Guide: How To Choose a Laptop Case

There are literally thousands of laptop cases and bags out there so today I thought I would provide a short post on how to narrow down which is for you and a few tips on buying:

  1. How big is your laptop? Seems obvious right? If you have a 13 inch case for a 14 inch laptop or a 15 inch case for a 13 inch laptop then you have a problem. Find a case that fits your laptop well.
  2. How much Storage do you need? Each person has different needs. Do you need to carry a lot of papers around for business or education. You may want a multi pocket case or backpack /shoulder bag. You may also just need space for the latop. It may be all you need. Don’t pay for space you don’t need and don’t cram your case too full.
  3. How much protection do you need? Are you using it outside of your home on an occasional basis in safe places such as a library or are you a reporter who needs to take your laptop into the eye of the storm. For example, for casual use I use my Incase neoprene sleeve which just barely protects it from scratches but… When I need real protection I pull out my overpriced but very strong and waterproof Thule case. Each case serves its’ purpose.
  4. How important to you is look? You can get cases in any material and color. Ugly cases tend to be cheaper. Leather cases are going to cost you an arm and a leg. Is it worth the price for you?
  5. Buyer Beware. Read the reviews. Don’t go in blind. After narrowing it down to a case be sure to read the reviews before buying it. Don’t throw away $20-$200.

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Michael Sitver

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