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A Wearable That Fights Pain — Intelligently

I play tons of golf: Nine holes daily. I love it, but carrying a 20 pound bag three miles every day takes its toll. Everything hurts, from my wrist, to my feet. Maybe one day we’ll eliminate pain, but for now, at least we can make injuries hurt less, with wearables like Cur (the subject of this article). Cur (pronounced “cure”) is a wireless, wearable...

a better way to give vaccines - the vacc stamp

Somebody Finally Created A Better Vaccine

Needles hurt…but more than that, they’re just a bit scary. The idea of a doctor shoving a centimeter-long syringe into your arm, filled with who-knows-what, is just not comforting. Luckily, one company has redesigned the syringe, to make the process nearly painless, and intuitive. The new syringe is called the “vacc-stamp”. It’s a round, flat piece of plastic that reminds me a bit of...

jaan tallinn skype and metamed founder

Skype Founder Jaan Tallinn on the Future of Medicine, and his new company

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you all my recent interview with the cofounder of Skype Jaan Tallinn. Today, he’s here to talk to us about his latest company though, Metamed, a high-tech medical startup that he cofounded, with backing by Peter Thiel, and his Venture Capital firm, Founder’s Fund. I met Jaan a few months ago at a conference, and after talking with him...