Grow your Brain on the Go- Review

After a few days of unusual content centered around copyright issues I’m back with our normal content. Today I’ve got a FREE app recommendation that will probably make my top 100 apps list this year. That app is TED (Free) which is an app that gives you access to literally thousands of lectures by some of the smartest and most creative thinkers in recent history. 

What is TED?

Ted is a series of annual conferences around the globe where leaders converge to speak about creative solutions to tons of problems from famine and AIDS to energy and communication. Over the past two days I’ve shared some of my favorite lectures, but the ability to find great lectures is all thanks to the app.
The TED app is great in that it is free and multifunctional. What I mean by that is that it offers multiple ways to find content and multiple ways to watch it. For example, for finding content you can use their featured content, search for content, make a genius playlist based on a subject and how much time you have and see what’s new. From there you can stream it straight to your device, or for those of us who are data-concious (Verizon already throttles my phone to nearly unbearably slow speeds) you can download either audio or video versions of the podcast based on your preference. This also allows you to avoid wasting valuable space by saving your favorite talks in audio, or simply bookmarking them for later download. When you finish one of their great talks, you can share it with your friends via some nice simple built-in sharing features, and voila TED. 
So this app is like iTunes university times 10. It’s for those of us who love to learn and you can literally learn anything about anything from sports to advertising. So check it out, and you can also check it out on your desktop at
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