Review: Grand Theft Auto 3 for iphone

A few months ago I got Grand Theft Auto 3 ($2.99) for iphone and I have just been too busy to review it. But now I’m not. So here is the in depth review.

They released this to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the classic and it does it justice. While at $2.99 it is on the expensive side, it is a very full featured game. The game features quite a few unique levels such as stealing a car, picking up strippers, and bringing them to a Police ball (all in one level) and stealing a car, putting an explosive on it, and putting it back.

Very Good Graphics for an ios Game

 If you don’t want to play the levels then you can always just explore the huge city (See map in picture show above). While in the city you can get into fights with your included baseball bat, handgun, and shotgun. You can steal a bunch of different types of cars. There are pickup trucks, a few types of real trucks, a bus, police cars (hard to steal), ambulances, and cars.

I personally like to just go on a road rage. The graphics are great for a game of this size, and since it’s on iphone. The controls are easy to use. This is a great expansion to the franchise and is definitely worth buying for those who want a great game.

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