Digipod Turns SLRs and Film Cameras into Digital Cameras

A new wild product has popped up on crowdfunding site, Indigogo. The product, Digipod, turns old cameras, like the classic Minolta sRt 201 SLR into fully digital cameras, using nothing more than a pod inserted into the film slot. Even more incredibly, the pod costs a mere $200. In order to produce this, they need a minimum of 200,000 pounds (around $300,000) in donations. Through day one, they’ve raised around 10,000 pounds with minimal press attention. If they could keep that steady through their 30 day term, they will easily pass their goal, but that’s a challenge, and I may need to help out in the end if it’s getting down to the wire.

For the cost of a cheap point and shoot, this allows photographers to leverage the power of high-quality film cameras, whose prices have been driven down by the popularity of digital, and the cost of film.

Check the video out for yourself, and donate if you’d like this in your camera. I know I do (though TBH, I’m not donating because I don’t have the cash).

The digipod project page can be found here.

Michael Sitver

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