94 Seconds Review: The Most Addicting Brain Game

Rarely are games built to be played both for a minute, and for hours, but one such brain game, 94 Seconds (94S) does just that. This review should provide a few reasons why you should download this app immediately.

What is 94 Seconds?

94 Seconds is essentially a word game.You’re prompted with a beginning letter and a category, and you must give a word that fits the letter and category. Some have a lot of possibilities (i.e trees and shrubs with “M”), while others may only have one (like US States with a P). Your goal is to fill out as many of these categories as you can, in (you guessed it) 94 Seconds. Bonus points are given for speed and detail

Who do I compete with?

You compete to better your own score, and also against a massive global user base. I also compete with family and friends while waiting around. It’s a great way to kill time, and it’s also good at challenging and exercising your memory.

How much does it cost?

Like a few great things, it’s free! There are upgrades, but I’d advise you to challenge yourself by not buying the cheats. They’re helpful, but it takes out of the spirit of the game.


94 Seconds is a really great quick game, and worth far more than its price of free. Get it now.

My 94 Seconds High Score – Can you beat it?


Michael Sitver

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