Around the web: Best Chromebook Pixel Comments

Google recently released the Chromebook Pixel, and everybody has something to say for or against it. Here are 5 of  the most spot-on comments I’ve heard around the web. What’s your best witty comment on the chromebook?

“Chrome-based models accounted for 5 percent to 10 percent of Acer’s U.S. shipments since being released there in November”- Via Google Plus


 “If anything, what the price proves is “stop whining about the Apple tax — quality costs money”. “- Via Engadget Comments


“Technically, Chrome OS is a linux based OS running a linux kernel. It is NOT just Chrome browser with some added functionality!”- Via Engadget Comments


“Think I’ll just buy six Samsung chromebooks instead.”- Jeremy Parker, on our Google Plus post on the pixel

And A Video. Isn’t it funny how similar Google’s ad is to Apple’s.

Shout out to Google Fanboys who hate when Apple steals their stuff 😉

Thanks to Josh Vazquez on Google Plus for recommending this to us.

Michael Sitver

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