Dear Person Who “Likes” Everything…

Dear Person who “likes” everything on Facebook,

To be honest, I can’t quite remember why or how I became “friends” with you, but I beg of you to please stop everything. Your likes flood my news feed. My phone buzzes like a constant massage as everything I post is followed instantly by a notification of your approval.

the evil facebook like button

I appreciate that you like what I post, but do you really? Every one of our mutual friends seems to post content that you enjoy because you place your “discerning” seal of approval on it. It’s almost deceptive. Your like should be something you use with discretion. It should be reserved for top brands, good looking photos, nobel causes, and funny cats.

I like you as a person (from what I remember) but I don’t need to see your life’s story. You are not one single individual but many who exhibit the same behavior. I beg of you. Repent. Repent. Back away from your “liking” ways. You can bring power back to your like button. Remember. Less is more.


Flustered Facebook User

Do you know people like this? What do you find most annoying about people on social networks?

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Michael Sitver

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