Dear Youtube

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Dear Youtube Staff,

I’ve been active on Youtube for more than six years, but things have been going downhill to the point where I can no longer find what I want, and therefore I can’t use your site.

When I come to Youtube I want new, fresh content from people I’ve never heard of before. But recently, Youtube has made it harder to find what I want. It used to be as easy as heading to the front page to find the popular content. But now that isn’t even an option.

All I can see is the crappy “recommended for you” section where almost nothing is less than 4 months old. I don’t want to watch 4 year old content [most of the time]. If I wanted old crap, I’d go to Vimeo.

I don’t want you recommending stuff for me to watch, because Youtube used to be my happy place, where I could come and see something bizarre and current like “Friday”, or the babbling twins, or Nyan Cat. Youtube used to be a community, but you’ve made it so confusing to navigate that new channels are rarely succeeding.

And even those channels that do succeed. What do they have to work for anymore? With the reworked Youtube partner program there is no more work required, and who gets features when and why is a seemingly random mystery. There’s nothing to work towards anymore.

I don’t know what Google’s warped vision of Youtube’s future is, but I know it’s not youtube. Please explain to me the changes, and why they make sense, or fix them, before Youtube fades from relevance.

Signed, the editor (and others).
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