60 Day No Email Challege- Day 21

It’s day 21 (I think) of my 60 days without email and most internet use, and i’m surviving pretty well. I’m still outside more than usual which is nice, and overall it’s been a pleasant experience.

I’ve taken up photography recently and maybe by like day 30 I’ll have time to post some that i’ve taken. There’s not too too much to report, but I did relearn that reading is fun yesterday. In the past two days I’ve read 190 pages.

I’m reading this fantastic book called Q and A which is where the hit movie “Slum Dog Millionaire” originated. To my surprise and pleasure it has plenty of differences from the movie that make it a unique story and more interesting than just rereading the movie. Check it out. I put a link to it below.


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Michael Sitver

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