Who’s Been Watching My Netflix?

I woke up this morning and got on to Netflix to find my top shows were One Tree Hill, Gossip Girls, and Desparate Houswives. Strange considering I only pretty much watch Auction King, Futurama, some movies, and anything Law and Order on Netflix. In the paraphrased words of detective Stabler, those shows don’t quite match my motus operatus. Turns out my family had made it onto my netflix account?

Has this happened to you? You get on Netflix looking for a quick link to Star Trek only to find that your top show is Dora The Explorer thanks to your wife trying to please your daughter.
If Netflix listens to my suggestions, they’ll create separate sections for different people so that each person in a family has a homepage and individual history which would end this mixup. Unfortunately, netflix is of course in the business of making money, and separate histories is one of the advantages of separate accounts, so we won’t be seeing that any time soon.
Oh well. Maybe in the fall when the days get shorter, and the outside less inhabitable I’ll demo Hulu Plus, consider the switch, and as always I’ll post a review here on the App Store Chronicle (Spoiler alert).
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Michael Sitver

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