Samsung Galaxy SIII (3) VS Iphone

Finally I get to use the line android users always use when a new iphone is released. The galaxy S III really doesn’t have too much new. It is running ICS, android’s latest OS, but that’s already a year old. One of it’s top features is a feature called S Beam where you can share content with your friend
‘s galaxy by pushing them together, but according to Walt Mossberg of All Things D and The Wall Street Journal it still takes a few minutes. If you want that functionality on iphone, give Bump (free) a try. It has practically the same features. As for the screen, it’s very nice and the size is right in the sweet spot of a good phone size, but it still has a lower pixel count than the iphone.

So basically, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a fair competitor to the iphone, but not a so called “iphone killer” (of course).

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Michael Sitver

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