Why Facebook Can Have My Data and I Don’t Care

Image Credit: Mashable Facebook Security
Image Credit: Mashable Facebook Security

People say we’re trusting Facebook with too much data, but are we? I disagree. What do I care if Facebook knows what soda I drink, or what TV shows I watch? What do I care if Facebook knows who I’m in a relationship with, and my political views? I’m sharing this stuff publicly with my friends for a reason. It’s not confidential information. In my opinion, if you’re not comfortable with other people seeing what you’ve shared, you shouldn’t be sharing it, and that’s why when I share something I really don’t care who sees it.

I honestly don’t mind them storing my data, because I know what I’m giving them. I’m not giving Facebook my social security number or  credit card info. I’m not giving them top secret information. I honestly don’t mind people seeing what I’m sharing. And if you don’t want Facebook to share what articles you’re reading (first of all, What are you reading that’s so private?) go into your privacy settings and remove sharing privileges from that app. It’s so easy to do and it gives you total control. If you complain about the privacy of your social data and don’t use this simple solution, you’re lazy. Honestly people, share what you’re comfortable sharing and know that what you put out on the web (I know it’s cliché) will be there forever. Facebook isn’t meant for your confidential data. It’s meant for banter with friends, and bonding over common hobbies, interests, and games.

Before you say “I don’t trust Facebook with my data” you should ask yourself “What am I sharing with my friends that is so private?”. I’m not saying you should trust the FB with everything, but I’m confident that the data I share there is safe. Say what you’d like in the comments, but I’m comfortable that whatever I share on Facebook is not going to come back and hurt me.
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