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Recently apps like Gifboom and have been gaining popularity for bringing motion to photo, but the most creative app based on this principle is brand new, and it’s called Actionshot (free by the way).

Actionshot is a fantastic app that creates motion in motionless images in a way in which I have not yet seen in other apps. The app starts by taking five photos (can be adjusted from 2-10) at about 1 second intervals (also adjustable by the Millisecond). This works best with something in motion, like someone dunking a basketball. When you’re done, you can edit each photo to make parts disappear and reappear. At the end of the process, the app combines the five photos to create a mashup of sorts that shows the object in motion.

 For example, you would see where that person was at each interval in the photo, meaning that against one background you could have a shot of the person on the ground, jumping, in the air, dunking, and back on the ground all on the same canvas. The final shots export nicely to your camera roll and photo library, and you can tweet/Facebook from in the app (of course).

 For a free app this is very entertaining, and well designed, but from what I can tell it will not be free for ever, so check it out now. Maybe one day I’ll post some of the shots I made.

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Michael Sitver

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