Apple Unveils the New ipad!

Image Courtesy of Apple Inc.

That there would be a 3rd ipad is not new, but fans are abuzz about the change in the name. There is no ipad 3 as previously expected. Instead we have the new ipad. That is the name. It goes on sale March 16th.

New features include a stunning retina display, faster chip set, 4G LTE speeds and several other wireless options and incredible cameras.

With the cameras they did not take the Nokia 41MP approach. They went for the beautiful and yet more practical P camera with 1080P full HD video recording, and high quality stabiliZation making for a beautiful device for visual communication. These new features are coupled with an updated imove for ios bringing simpler, more cinematic ways to make home movies including trailers(carried over from the mac) and iphoto. I already purchased iphoto for ios and marvelled at its’ impressive photo editing, organization, and sharing. I will have a full review in coming days.

The screen itself will be great for watching movies, and playing games. The new ipad features 1 million more pixels than an HDTV. I imagine within a few ipads we will be seeing full 4k resolution which is more than 3 times full 1080p HD. The new ipad features more RAM, and better chips and resolution than the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 so it will become the premier gaming device. The social aspect, and wide variety of casual games will certainly help in that.

The 4G LTE is available on several main carriers including ATT and Verison and should speed up thinks like Netflix and HD streaming which should be great.

I’m also excited at the announcement of personal hotspot tethering which had previously been iphone only. I feel that will be great for the blackberry, laptop, and ipad business crowd, and great for not losing your hotspot during a blackout (guilty). So that’s ipad.

In addition, Apple unveiled a new, more ios like Apple TV box with 1080p HD, and updated all of their ios apps. They also released ios 5.1 which features nothing notable for most except for the new change to the lcok screen. The camera icon previously available by double tap on home is now always there, and accessing the camera is as easy as pulling up. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the update, and name change, so please leave them below.

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