Will YOU Sell YOUR Privacy?

Hey Guys. Yesterday Google launched a new program called Screenwise. Screenwise is a Google program where anyone over the age of thirteen can receive up to $25 per year in Amazon Gift cards in return for letting Google have unlimited access to their data. This poses the question “Will you sell yourself?”. This gives them access to your search, your docs, your email, and everything else. As long as you use this, you are Google’s B word.

Here’s what I suggest. Don’t sell out! If you rarely use Google, and don’t search anything personal then it is fine, but don’t use Chrome. If you really want a gift card, sign up, which will automatically earn you a $5 gift card, then quit right away.
Although I think this is terrible, I wonder, Don’t they already own all of our data? Are they just trying to be nice? Are you going to sign up? Let me know below in the comments. Thanks for reading, as always.
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Michael Sitver

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