Jailbreaking Warranty FAQ

  1. Does Jailbreaking void my Warranty?
    1. Yes it does although this may change one day.
  2. What happens if I break my jailbroken phone? How do I get it repaired or replaced?
    1. A common misconception with many users is that Jailbreaking sends a signal to Apple saying “Joe Shmo’s iphone has been Jailbroken. Void his warranty”. They won’t know unless you hand them a jailbroken phone. It does void your warranty most of the time, but just back your phone up beforehand. They won’t know unless they see it. Make sure to save the backed up file and all you have to do is go into itunes and restore your old backup from before you jailbroke it and you are back in warranty. They will never know. (according to sources)
  3. How do I restore my phone?
    1. Backup your phone before you jailbreak.
    2. Restore from that backup in itunes.
    3. Remember that jailbreaking always puts your data at risk.

(disclaimer: We are not responsible for any potential damage to your phone from jailbreaking or unlocking)

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