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EarPod Pudding?

We’ve already discussed the originality of Apple’s earpod headphones, but even their packaging seems to be breaking environmental barriers. The packaging on the iphone’s earpods is just standard hard plastic (Trust me. I’ve tried) but the packaging for the earpods included with ipods are made of a special new Tapioca based polymer that dissolves into what I like to think of as tapioca pudding when it...

Apple Earpods Review: The Sound Of Apple

Recently Apple “revolutionized the headphone” with the Earpod, or so they said. With Apple, they tend to hype up everything, good, or sometimes bad. So I tested out the new Earpods versus what should have been a comparable pair; my Skullcandy 50/50s which cost around $40-50 (Earpods cost $30 without a new iphone). My rigorous testing included music from Billy Joel, Green Day, Hanz Zimmer, and...

Earpods: Video

Hey guys. Just wanted to quickly highlight this excellent video by the guys at Logic Lounge on the Apple Earpods until I can finish my review. Posts provided by The App Store Chronicle- All Rights reserved