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galaxy gear sucks - smartwatch colors

POLL: Which Smartwatch/Wearable Will You Be Buying?

It’s that time of year. Every tech company is rapidly releasing new gadgets, and this week we were introduced to the smartwatch market, which basically doubled in size. Which of these smartwatches/wearables will you be buying when you get the chance? Smartwatch/Wearables Options: Google Glass Samsung Galaxy Gear Qualcomm Toq Sony Smartwatch 2 Apple iWatch (rumored I’m Watch Pebble Nike fuel Band Jawbone UP...

galaxy gear sucks - smartwatch colors

New Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is a dud

There aren’t many companies with the resources to prove that a smartwatch could work. Samsung is one of those companies that could, but unfortunately, the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch doesn’t deliver, and ultimately deserves that status we’ve given to only a few devices before (like the Nexus Q), dud. Allow us to explain. First, the weak screen, and weak storage Let’s start with the...