How Youtube Trolls Can Help YOUR Videos!

Trolls. Everybody hates them, except other trolls. But when the trolls hit your videos, does it harm or help you? That’s what I’ll answer below.
Besides some emotional scarring, a few trolls can help your videos. First of all, they create conversation which drives up your Youtube search results, and they force other, nicer people to respond. Secondly, with video responses, trolls essentially promote your videos to all of their usually small fanbases. As you can see in the example below, this dummy (who has the right to his opinion) is doing a video on why he doesn’t like Chris Pirillo. Now, it is likely that many people have never heard of Chris Pirillo. This means that sitbackrelaxxx (the Youtuber) is actually driving interest in Chris Pirillo, and exposing him to a new audience that may be more receptive than he. Even better, by properly tagging his video, this guy has essentially given Chris Pirillo free ad space. Lockergnome videos (Chris’s Channel) occupy six of the top seven related videos. Since the majority of non-direct Youtube traffic comes from related videos, this means that a troll has essentially given the person he is trolling promotion, linkage, interest, several potential subscribers, and more. So, trolls aren’t always fun to have on your channel, but having them means you’re doing a good enough job that people have formed opinions on your content, and those trolls may help you in the long run. Bye y’all.
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Michael Sitver

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