Present Like Steve Jobs With Our Comprehensive Guide and Apple Keynote Style Template


Part Two: How To Present Like Steve Jobs

Now comes the learning part…

We’ve included a few video tutoriasl which covers the major elements that made a “Steve Jobs” keynote address “insanely great”. Watch that, and then observe the videos of some of Jobs’s finest keynotes we’ve posted below. After watching the first video, you should notice a lot more in the following videos.

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And the next

And one more

And some of Steve’s greatest presentations:

Starting old… The classic Macintosh introduction: He lets the machine tell the story, brings in much fanfare, and uses light and sound, as well as slow, clear, and concise points to present it.

And Getting Newer, the more standard Jobs speech. Notice how Steve uses humor as a tool (he prank calls Starbucks live- he shows funny renderings of what people thought the product would look like).

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