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The Obamas Snapchat The Inauguration

At yesterday’s inauguration the whole Obama family was sporting their iPhones, and one meme captured the Obama Girls Snapchatting their parent’s kiss. This “photobomb” gives us a rare glimpse into the life of the first family. Check out the photo below. It’s a less embarrassing photo than Mark Zuckerberg’s own embarrassing photo op.

Tim Cook Unveils Future in First TV Interview (With Video)

In a fantastic interview with NBC’s Brian Williams (one of my favorite reporters, and someone whom I have spoke with personally) Tim Cook spoke about the future of Apple, and his, and Apple’s philosophy. Fun fact: According to Brian, Cook has been CEO for the introduction of three iPads, two iPhones, and three macs. That shocked me. Cook also spoke about his love of...

Lenovo Says Bye Bye to China, Hello USA

I wanted to send a big Kudos to PC maker Lenovo which is building a factory right here in the USA. The Carolinas seem to be gaining all kinds of industry these days, from Apple with a data center for iCloud, to factories for Boeing’s 787. Anyways, considering that nearly every computer company is churning out both components, and full builds for $1 a...