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Exclusive: Mark Cuban Talks Snapchat Acquisition Offer

For reasons I’ll explain later, I found Snapchat’s actions this week unfathomable, so I went seeking advice from the most expert man out there on the subject of acquisitions: Mr. Mark Cuban (Shark Tank, Broadcast.com). I’m on a role with exclusives this week, although this one’s pretty succinct. As many of you may know, Mark Cuban’s fortune comes from a site called Broadcast.com (an...

Snapchat Symbol Guide

We’ve created a guide for snapchat symbols, like the obscure blue plus. Enjoy! In other news, Facebook should hire teenage girls. Find out why they’re considering it.                       The latest, most innovative technology…all in one email   How Snapchat Saved my Life (kinda)

The Obamas Snapchat The Inauguration

At yesterday’s inauguration the whole Obama family was sporting their iPhones, and one meme captured the Obama Girls Snapchatting their parent’s kiss. This “photobomb” gives us a rare glimpse into the life of the first family. Check out the photo below. It’s a less embarrassing photo than Mark Zuckerberg’s own embarrassing photo op.

Snapchat Founder, “SnapChat is About Transparency, Not Privacy” (video)

A few months ago I shared this gem from Mark Zuckerberg talking about why Facebook wasn’t a social network. Now, I’m sharing a video from the founder of the company he tried to rip off, Snapchat. In it, Liz Gannes of AllThingsD does a spontaneous interview with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel in which Spiegel talks about why Snapchat is about transparency, and not privacy. As a...

Poke Vs Snapchat- Which is Better?

Snapchat and Poke, the new service competition. I’ve been using Snapchat for over a half a year now (our original review here), so when Facebook released Poke, a similar service, I wasn’t sure it was even worth trying to get into, but what I’ve discovered may have changed my mind. Here’s the truth on which is better from a user of both. Both Poke and...