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Jawbone UP band Review

With all the buzz about smartwatches, you have to wonder what the point of having another computer on your wrist is. It seems like dead weight. I recently purchased a Jawbone UP band, and I finally understand the wearable computer craze. First of all, What is an UP? An UP band is a bracelet made for tracking your fitness health. It counts steps, miles,...

Am I the Only One that Hates Speakers That Look Like Pencil Sharpeners?

Maybe I’m just a design snob, but I like my speakers classy, and looking like dog excrement an electric pencil sharpener is not a plus from a design standpoint. Here are four of the best and the worst designed speakers I’ve ever seen. Some of them show you that speakers can in fact be beautiful, and some burn your eyes. [slideshow gallery_id=”2″]