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BI Reports iPhone 5S to Arrive in Spring

It’s being reported by various reasonably reliable sources that there will be both a new iPhone and iPad in the Spring. That would mean only about an eight month production of the current models if Apple released it at their Worldwide Developer Conference in June. Unfortunately it seems to just be pageview journalism. They report that limited production is already starting in test runs...

SNL Vs First World Problems (Video) #firstworldproblems

Last week we pointed you towards a poor community parodying first world problems. Once again, a popular video has come out parodying #firstworldproblems, but this time it’s by Saturday Night Live. Tech Talk. That’s the show they parody, and they do it well. It’s hilarious  Check out the parody video below. [polldaddy poll=6608446]

Ask the Nerd- iPhone 5: Black or White?

Let me make this perfectly clear because this question comes in a lot. I’ll make this very simple. You ready? Don’t ask me again. If you don’t like this, don’t follow it, but this is the standard. Black is For Men. White is for Women. It’s that Simple!

10 of the Best Games For The iPhone

So you’ve got a brand new iPhone 5. It’s not worth anything without a solid base of apps to use on it. Whether you’re a new iPhone user, or you’ve been on the platform for years, I guarantee you’ll find a new game off of this list. This is based off of testing hundreds of games, so take my word that these are some...