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Facebook Engineer Mocks Princeton Study

Recently, Princeton published a controversial study claiming the imminent demise of Facebook. In response, Mike Devlin, a Princeton data scientist, wrote a scathing and sarcastic criticism of Princeton’s research methods. Rather than address the Princeton study directly, Devlin applied the Princeton logic to Princeton’s own Google trends data (the data they used to predict facebook engagement), and predicted mockingly “Princeton will have only half...

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Watch Popular Google Searches in Real-Time: How To

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for the world’s biggest search engine? With 5 Billion (with a B) searches per day, Google is the best indicator out there of what’s hot. One google product makes it easy to watch Google’s most popular searches in real time. Whether you work in social media and need to keep up on the...

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Facebook Gifts… For That Occasion When You Have NO Other Option

Remember that kid who got you a stapler for your 8th birthday? It’s the thought that counts…but a stapler? Facebook is trying to bring bad gift giving like this into the mainstream with their new gifts feature. For the day I’m just going to ignore tech talk so that we can get into the thick of this from a real person’s perspective. Read on...