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On AT&T, Apple Store, Comedian tells it like it is

Comedians can sometimes make the most pointed comments about society. In the case of Lewis Black, he nailed it. For starters, “AT&T carries phones in the way that mosquitos carry malaria”. He describes his poor experience with the telegraph company, and his other-worldly apple store experience. Check it out. Do you agree with how he portrays these companies?

SNL Vs First World Problems (Video) #firstworldproblems

Last week we pointed you towards a poor community parodying first world problems. Once again, a popular video has come out parodying #firstworldproblems, but this time it’s by Saturday Night Live. Tech Talk. That’s the show they parody, and they do it well. It’s hilarious  Check out the parody video below. [polldaddy poll=6608446]