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new matter mod-t 3D printer in use

New Matter – May Startup of the Month

This month’s featured startup is New Matter, a company that just successfully crowdfunded their new affordable 3D printer on Indiegogo. See past startups of the month here. In just three days, they’ve raised over $440,000 with no sign of slowing down (their goal was $375,000). Why have they been successful? Their printer is beautiful, affordable, and supposedly much easier to use. Watch the video...

robocular 3d scanner guide

Beginner’s Guide To 3D Scanning: What it is, and What it Can Do

This is the first article in our new series, Experts Explain. Read all about the series here, or check out other articles in the series here. In this article, 3D scanning expert Antoine El Daher will teach you what 3D scanning is, how it works, and how you can use it. So, what is 3D scanning exactly? 3D scanning turns physical objects into their...

Makerbot’s New Device Makes Cloning Instantaneous

We’re officially living in the Jetson’s/Jimmy Neutron world. Makerbot unveiled today a device called the “digitizer” which makes replicating any object as simple as  putting it on the platform, pressing a button, and sending it to the printer. If you enjoy this article (which you will), subscribe to our free newsletter (form on the right), and stay current on the coolest, latest technology. The technology...

(video) Leap Motion And Hologram = Incredible

We already reviewed the Leap Motion 3D sensor here, but this video is just incredible. By hooking up a 3D space control system to a simulated hologram, these developers have created a globe that’s manipulable in 3D space and viewable from all angles. Pretty incredible right? In the words of the ever-popular Macklemore, this is fucking awesome.