How To Sell Coins On Ebay, and Make a Killing: The Data-backed secrets you Don’t Know

Selling coins on ebay isn’t easy without experience. The coin market is dominated by a few top players, whose strategies can often confuse new sellers. We did a full, intensive study, to help new and midlevel sellers sell coins for more money, in less time.

The following presentation will teach you to increase the bid count, increase final sale price, and increase interest in your coin auctions on ebay.

How Was the ebay coin study conducted?

A coin page with 200 results for each test was archived. The coins sold within minutes of each other. The data was quickly recorded, graphed, and analyzed, then tested and verified. This process allows our coin selling tips a degree of certainty that most Ebay Guides don’t give you. We didn’t know where to sell this guide, so we gave it away for free.


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