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Who Was Really Behind the Gold iPhone 5S? – A Surprising Twist

The golden iPhone 5S seems so un-Apple. It’s flashy, and it’s tacky. Frankly, it looks like Snookie designed it. Could the brilliant Jony Ive really be behind this monstrosity? My theory is that Apple just wanted to be able to crack the joke about the 5S being the “gold” standard, but this theory/parody video has equal likelihood, and it’s much funnier. Check out Rafi,...

EVERY Tech Commercial Is The Same (Video)

Have you ever watched two ads from AT&T, Samsung, Microsoft, or just about any other tech company, and thought, “I’ve seen this ad before, but with different actors”. The fact is, they’re all the same! College Humor pointed it out with this poignant satire of a tech commercial, where everyone in the commercial literally spells out how cliche EVERY tech commercial is. Watch it,...

Great New Siri Parody

Here’s a great parody of Siri I found. Everyone check this out. Awesome jobs to the makers of this Posts provided by The App Store Chronicle- All Rights reserved