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Apple’s latest keynote served as an epiphany for me. Apple is no longer newsworthy. It’s not that they don’t make amazing products, and it’s not that they aren’t an amazing company. They’re just boring. I’ve found this to be a general trend these days, beyond Apple: smartphones and tablets are boring to read about.

Take the Nexus 5. The continual stream of leaks completely killed the hype and fun of a remarkable phone. There’s nothing left for me to cover.

Everything I’ve tried to write about before has been covered from every angle. The only people left reading are the Apple fanboys, and the Android fanboys (and I mean fanboys in the best sense of the word – people who are very passionate about their favorite product).

With that in mind, I’m taking a step back from traditional tech blogging, and refocusing this blog, or at least the companies we cover. In the interest of continuing to cover amazing, mind blowing technologies, I will be lessening our coverage of the latest tablets and smartphones. We’ll still do reviews, when we have access to the product, and release notes on the most interesting devices, but for the everyday, we will not cover something if it’s not amazing. That’s my new promise.

What We Will, and Won’t Cover, starting today

We will cover

  • Launches of gamechanging products

  • Reviews of excellent products

  • amazing, unrecognized, or emerging projects and products

  • important web trends

  • amazing apps, as always

  • inspiring, or insightful looks inside the world of tech

We will not cover

  • Launches of Boring products, with post after post on random, unimportant topics

  • Random, weird linkbait topics (looking at you Gizmodo)

  • Anything that doesn’t add value to someone’s life

– Michael

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Michael Sitver

Michael Sitver is a technology insider who has been blogging about technology since 2011. Along the way, he's interviewed founders of innovative startups, and executives from fortune 500 companies, and he's tried dozens or hundreds of gadgets. Michael has also contributed to works featured in Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the associated press. Michael also occasionally consults, and writes for Seeking Alpha and Yahoo News.

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