Gadget Deal of the week: 20% Off Logitech Washable Keyboards

Keyboards get disgusting. Between dust, the grime on your fingers, and that peanut butter and jelly sandwich you ate last week while looking at facebook vacation photos, keyboards can build up these thick layers of grime that are disgusting, and unhealthy.

This week’s gadget deal is on Logitech’s K310 washable keyboard. You can literally run this thing under your sink water, dunk it in a bucket, or rub it with a wet wipe to wash it off, and it will still work perfectly.

Beyond the hygienic benefits of being able to wash the thing you probably touch the most in your life, It also makes working in the pool, or the bath tub possible, if not recommended. I always fear bringing electronics into water, but I love working from a pool, because I love the feeling of being cool and wet and comfortable.

While I wouldn’t recommend fully submerging this for long periods, despite what the company claims, there’s no indication that this isn’t capable of a little dampness, meaning you can hook up your computer just out of reach of the water (careful), run a USB extension cable, and work while wet.

The Deal

Technically, it’s a 23% off deal, not just 20, but I thought that’s negligible for the title. If that sounds good to you, You can pick it up here for $30.77, rather than the typical $39.99. Also check out the demonstration video that Logitech made, which is right down below.


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Michael Sitver

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