Zagg Shield Review: Military Grade Screen Protectors?

While testing out the iWood case, due to the issue I’d mentioned in the design of the case, my past screen protector suffered some serious scratches, and they annoyed me quite a bit, so I went out and bought a Zagg invisible Shield screen protector for $25, hoping that their supposed “military grade protection” would hold true. Here’s my review after about a month of use.


This is one of the areas where Zagg excels beyond its’ competitors. Included with the shield is an arsenal of cleaning supplies that I used on setup. There’s a microfiber cloth, a squeegee card, and a whole spraying unit of antistatic cleaning solution and adhesive. Zagg makes it really easy to avoid the dreaded bubbles and dirt under the screen protector.

Even better is that the Zagg Invisible shield is completely removable  and you can even put it back on. I haven’t taken it off, so I can’t confirm this, but an employee at the store where I bought it informed me that it doesn’t leave residue.


Zagg’s “story” is that the material was originally created for use protecting military helicopter rotors. I can confirm that whatever material they use is quite durable. In one month of heavy use, the material doesn’t have a single scratch. My minor simulated damage testing didn’t yield any scratches either. It’s performing far better than any other screen protector I’ve ever had in the area of protection.

Apparently, Zagg also has a lifetime warranty on damage, which is a nice safety net in the event of an accident.


This is the area where the invisible shield impressed me the least. An important part of any screen protector is how it performs when used, and the shield just doesn’t feel great. The texture is a bit bumpy, and sticky, and when sliding there’s a bit of friction. It’s not terrible, but it’s the worst feeling screen protector I’ve owned.


In the area of protection and installation, Zagg is unmatched. It does an excellent job with its propriatary material, of protecting phones from any form of damage. Unfortunately, that same material compromises performance a bit, and makes the phone a bit less enjoyable to use.

Despite its’ faults, I’m still thrilled with my invisible shield, and I would recommend it to those looking for an ultra-protective option in the screen protector market. The feel is a bit of a nuisance, but it’s decent enough that it’s not a big issue, and for the price, the warranty is a good deal. You can find them at most retailers, and on their website here.

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