Vlogging…it can wait


If you pay attention, you may remember this campaign against texting while driving from 2010. I’ve noticed a more disturbing trend: vlogging while driving. Vlogging, the increasingly popular video format where people document their whole lives, and the vanity of it all seems to blind people as to the dangers of their actions. People literally stare into a camera talking while driving. No way, right? You can see for yourself right here. Apparently this guy doesn’t have two minutes at any other time in his “busy, busy” life to fit in a 5 minute video. He really needs to take a look at his priorities.

Just how dangerous is distracted driving?

  • In 2011, 3,300+ people in the US were killed in accidents related to distracted driving. In that same span, 12 people worldwide died of shark attacks. People fear sharks, but do they fear the distracted driver? No.

People in general tend to ignore direct threats. We have a blindness to statistics, a bias based solely on folklore. This is my PSA to everyone with a camera- Don’t vlog (or record video of any kind) while behind the wheel.

Not sure you’re a safe vlogger? Take the quiz now. If you pass, you’re safe enough to vlog.

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Michael Sitver

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