Google Fiber Coming To A City Near You?

Is Google Fiber coming to your city? The world famous fiber optic experiment, with Google trying to take over the roll of ISP, and which began in Kansas City, is expanding to a city near you… as long as you live near Olathe, Kansas, which Google announced would be the next location of the legendary service.

While this awesome ISP isn’t moving far from its’ original two test cities, this is progress for those of us pining for Google’s internet in our homes. This is the first of Google’s three test cities to not be named “Kansas City” (the first two were KC Kansas, and KC Missouri). Will it be coming to your home soon? Sources indicate that Google’s executives are evaluating the success of the Kansas pilots, and discussing plans for a hard launch elsewhere.

So what’s so awesome about Google fiber? It’s the tastiest, most technologically advanced fiber bar on the market…Just kidding (that was Google’s April Fools Joke last year). In reality, it’s ridiculously fast. It’s 150+ times faster than the average US broadband speed. HD movies load in seconds. File transfers happen in fractions of second. It’s the most seamless merging of technology in the world.

Even better are what’s included in the crazy awesome top internet and TV plan ($120 per month). 1 Gigabit per second internet, television, a 2 TB DVR with up to eight simultaneous recordings, and the possibility of storing 500 hours of television (around 1000 episodes of the Office, or 500 Sixty Minutes)

It even comes with 1 TB of cloud storage on their google drive service (enough to hold around 1,000,000 photos from your iPhone).

And the creme de la creme. It comes with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, a $300 device which has received rave reviews as a more affordable competitor to Apple’s iPad Mini.

There’s no telling when (or if) Google Fiber will make it into your city, but you can pre-signup for it in your city so that you’re one of the first to get it when you arrive. How fast is your internet?

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