Which Sims Game Should You Buy on iOS, iPhone, IPod, Etc.?

So you’re trying to figure out which of the 7 Sims Brand games on the app store to buy huh? EA basically broke up two games (Sims 3, Sim City) into 7, which makes it really confusing to figure out which to buy. Let me make your decision easier by providing an unbiased summary of each one.


  • Sims 3: Have a job, and climb the corporate ladder by sleeping with your boss. Buy furniture. Go fishing. Have sex wahoo. Move in with another Sim, and grow richer and richer. It’s a fun game for the basic Sims experience. I once found a cheat for this game (which is gone now) that made me millions of eaves in a few minutes, so I stopped working, and bought everything, but in this game there’s only so much you can buy because you can’t expand your house (you can in Sims ambitions below).
  • Sims 3 Ambitions: All the stuff above, and you actually do stuff at your job ( you can actually participate). You can have a baby, start a daycare. Get married and have sex wahoo (and a baby). Renovate your house and make it bigger. This is probably my favorite, tied with world adventures.
  • Sims 3 World adventures: Have a job, all the other stuff from Sims 3, travel the globe and explore (around 4 other cities). This is my favorite feature for all of these games because it gives you so many options. I had ladies wanting me all over the globe 🙂
  • Sims 3 Medieval: Sims meets vampires. Same usual stuff except it’s themed to the middle ages. I wouldn’t buy this AND Sims 3 but it’s not a bad thing to buy one or the other.
  • Sims Free. Basic features for free. Nothing worth downloading unless you can’t buy a $0.99 game.
  • Sim City Deluxe: I played this game religiously as a child, so I was SO dissapointed to see how featureless this game was, and how bad the graphics were. On the PC this game is incredible. You can go as micro as watching one guy and setting people on fire (god mode) and as macro as full view. If you want a city-building game for iOS that won’t nickel and dime you, this is the best option available though.
  • Sim City Deluxe Free: Are you sure you want to buy Sim City Deluxe? Try out many of this features in this good testing platform.
So, in short, you’re making compromises no matter which you buy. They’re pretty good though, and whichever you choose, as long as you put thought into it, will keep you occupied for a few hours, and maybe a few days. Thanks for reading. If you want to play some great games, check out our ten favorites.

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