REVIEW: Songza: Listen To Top Tunes for Free With Marvelous Music Concierge

Of the thousands of music apps and services out there, perhaps none is more unique than Songza, a fantastic free app available for both Android and iOS. Think of Songza as a cross between Spotify, Siri, and Pandora. It builds in a killer free music library, a unique music-discovery engine, and a very solid player, which makes it my streaming music app of choice.


The experience starts when you open the app. You’re presented with a series of choices based on time of day and time of year that help you determine what you listen to. The choices at 6PM on December 23rd for example read “It’s Sunday Evening. Play Music For: The Holidays. Relaxing at Home. Working Out. Cooking. Pre-Gaming With friends. Putting on Your Party dress.” Based on what you select, the app makes a playlist for you, and the options are constantly changing.

If you don’t like those options you can find music by search, category, artist, or popularity. Some artists I checked for and found on Songza include Adele, The Beatles, Katy Perry, Billy Joel, Justin Bieber, and Green Day. It’s all free, and the only form of ad is an ad below the album cover for now.¬†Songza also has a great playlist section. Of course, my favorite is “Songs from Apple Commercials” but I think there are thousands of user-created playlists.

Songza is a incredible free app, and as I said, it’s for Android and iOS so 80% of smartphone users can use it. Check it out, and you will not regret it.


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Michael Sitver

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