BI Reports iPhone 5S to Arrive in Spring

It’s being reported by various reasonably reliable sources that there will be both a new iPhone and iPad in the Spring. That would mean only about an eight month production of the current models if Apple released it at their Worldwide Developer Conference in June.

Unfortunately it seems to just be pageview journalism. They report that limited production is already starting in test runs next month. The devices are definitely under development, but based on my knowledge of Apple’s patterns and motus operati, it would be unlike them to release these devices early.

After the iPhone 5 slows at the one year mark Apple will refresh it with a minor upgrade in the fall of 2013. The iPad will probably also not see an update until then. Apple usually releases products in spurts, and then stays quiet for a while. This isn’t the first time they’ve rapidly released new products. They do it whenever necessary to stay on the cutting edge and maintain sales. The whole purpose of the latest iPhone was to retake the top spot in the cell markt and that spot should be safe for the next year or so as Apple prepares their next incremental upgrade.

So what does all of this mean? Don’t expect a new iPad or iPhone until next fall. There are a few holes in the mac line to be patched up in the Spring and Summer, as well as new Operating systems, and we may see some kind of Apple Television but that’s it until next fall.

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Michael Sitver

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