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(MM-M-M-MM) Confused? If you aren’t,  you’ve probably played Icy Tower before. Those are the first few sounds of their signature theme song which is so damn catchy. But Icy Tower is more than that. Icy Tower is an absolutely classic game that I had on the first PC I owned several years ago.

Jumping During the Game

I can not say Nostalgia didn’t play a part in my excitement and willingness to shell out $3 for it, but I can tell it’s as awesome as ever.

The controls of Icy Tower are extremely simple. Arrow keys and the space bar are the only game controls necessary. I remember when I was younger having midnight tournaments Vs my best friend in this.

The game is a classic style oldish game that you would expect to play on an original Macintosh. The goal is to jump to the highest bar you can, but you’re working against two obstacles to get there. If you’re too slow you’ll be hit by the rising bottom which loses you. If you miss a jump and fall below the bottom, you also lose. So it’s a game of speed and agility.

It’s not very graphics intensive like today’s games but the simplicity and competition makes it extremely addicting, and it looks great on the Retina Macbook Pro. It takes maybe two minutes to beat the first level (100 blocks) at which point the blocks change looks, and they change every hundred for several hundred blocks (although I’ve only gotten to 300).

The Very Simple  Settings for Icy Tower

Gameplay is fast, running at a similar speed as Tetris, and scores are 10x the number of blocks you climb, so scores get pretty high which makes me feel accomplished (I love old games like that).

At $3 it’s a little expensive, but not killer expensive for a mac app.

Overall, I would put this game in the buy category because it’s enjoyable, addicting, and you’ll definitely get your moneys’ worth because this game doesn’t stale quickly like some games do.

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