Apple Leaks Both Earpods, and iphone 5 EARLY!

Apple’s security has really fallen short this year. Apple is known for being very secretive about their designs prior to release, but both their unique new headphones, the earpods, and their flagship phone, the iphone 5 were shown in photos and images months prior to release.

Yesterday’s post revealed that the iphone’s actual design in high quality photos down to the last detail was leaked more than five months before the release.

Today, I discovered a little-known video on Youtube since September 2nd (10 days before release) showing Apple’s Earpods and revealing that they would be shipped with the iphone 5. I embedded the video below. One leak is strange, but at two leaks for one event you’ve got to wonder what’s going on in Cupertino. The video is below.

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Michael Sitver

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