Alec Baldwin To Speak At #DNC, And the Tech Behind the #RNC

Many across the net have joked (and secretly dreamed) about Alec Baldwin doing a Clint Eastowood-esque  performance at the DNC, but according to sources who wish to remain anonymous Alec Baldwin will indeed be somewhat countering and satirizing Eastwood’s infamous speech (posted below in case you haven’t seen).

My sources stated that their employers had given them specific instructions on preparations to make for the “surprise” performance of “a high profile actor in NBC’s 30 Rock”. We all know that likely means that if my source is correct, Alec Baldwin (a notably Democratic actor who has considered candidacy for some office) would be that 30 Rock star speaking.
In other news, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” blog posted an interesting article on the man behind the RNC, and how it was done.  The producer, Phil Alongi previously worked for NBC before organizing the convention, and his experience in politics showed.
The event was a multimedia extravaganza which any nerd would love. Behind the podiums were 13 screens which built a background for highlighting what the speakers were saying using multimedia. The manipulation of tons of screens and lighting created a feast for the eyes. The television production side, which is not covered in this article is fascinating too. I’d recommend all nerds check out the CNNobservations channel on Youtube which has some sweet and nerdy BTS videos on how the news is made.
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