TRADEGAME Lab inc- TASC Developer Excellence Award

Today we’d like to award the first ever TASC (The App Store Chronicle) award of Developer Excellence to TRADEGAME Lab inc.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized it, but over the past few years I have downloaded six of their nine apps on the app store. I’ve used their Air Tycoon, Hotel Tycoon, and Cruise Tycoon series over the past few years and each one I have spent days trying to beat.

The Trophy we wish we could give out
The Trophy we wish we could give out

Unlike many other crappier business simulation games on the store, the apps built by TRADEGAME are well built, don’t hound you for money, and have some skill involved. Each game is incredibly detailed for a $2 app which is one of the most impressive things about them. These apps aren’t just for kids for five minutes. Playing the game takes time and effort, but not cash.

 Their airline building games have a ridiculously high number of destinations on the map along with several real types of planes to buy, and several manipulable factors that affect your gameplay.

A game like Angry birds is like soda, for children and providing instant gratification, while the games that TRADEGAME make are like fine wine, superior to the soda, but they are more complex and require time to appreciate. Well done to TRADEGAME Lab inc. Be sure to check out their games on the app store. Most of them have free lite versions to test it out before buying.
– The editor

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