Is Smart Glass As Dangerous As Drunk Driving?

Google Glass. It looks like the future of technology, but some worry it may be a serious hazard to our health. The new devices essentially overlay a tablet screen on top of a pair of glasses giving you a new form of access, but the consequences of such devices could be deadly.

A Crash Caused By A Distracted Driver

The NTSB estimates that over 3,000 fatal car accidents this year were caused by distracted driving. The majority of the distraction is cell phone use while driving. It has become such an issue that secretary of transportation Ray Lahood has called for a national ban on cell phone use while driving. Experts say that cell phone use puts you at as high of a risk of accident as having drank to the legal blood alcohol limit of .08.

 Cell phones are already so distracting, but the new technology soon coming to glasses could cause a far worse problem. They block your view with information and make it really easy to zone out from where you are.Imagine a world where no one looks where they are going. It has the potential to cause some serious trouble. This technology looks awesome, but how we can prevent the seemingly inevitable travesties that these devices may bring remains unseen. Do you think distraction will be an issue with these new devices?

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