How Will Technology Influence our World in 2013? Part 2

Yesterday I started writing on how technology will change how we live within just the next year, but it will play such a large role that I could not even finish. Ergo I decided to make this a series. So, here’s some more ways our world will change. While you’re here, Give us a Google+ Plus one (+1) on the sidebar to the right. Thanks for stopping by.

From Textbooks to MacBooks

Schools around the nation have been adopting tablets as a  (Possibly) cheaper, more effective long-term alternative to the traditional textbook, but up until this point it has still been extremely expensive. The only great tablet for education available had been the iPad which was just too expensive for many schools. This issue has been resolved finally. Firstly, with the iPad now in its’ third generation, first generation iPads which still work well have become much less expensive making them a reasonable option for many more schools than before. Android tablets have been pretty weak up until this point but tablets such as the Google Nexus 7 bring new hope of a cheap, well built tablet. Prices are dropping to the level where our schools will be able to rely more and more on new technology.

Wifi Here, Wifi There, Wifi Everywhere

I’m writing this from a Starbucks and sipping a tasty iced tea while enjoying their free WIFI, but a few years ago this wouldn’t have been possible. Wifi is everywhere from Airplanes to Applebees now and more and more free connection points around the world offer us an opportunity to surf at faster speeds than our throttled 3G phones. They offer us a chance to save money on our data costs. With free wifi spreading you can work and play from nearly anywhere and this will spread far further in 2013.

Accept the change

To those of you who don’t like that our world is changing, it’s too bad for you. Don’t try to stop technology because you can’t. We will adapt and in the end it will hopefully work out for the better. Until then, Good day.
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