Apple in 2013- The Near Future of Apple

The future has arrived; That is what we tell ourselves each year when the technology of the year arrives. But in 2013 we will see some really major lifestyle changes attributed to technology, and evidence suggests that much of that will be from Apple.

Screw Movie theaters. Buy some microwaveable Popcorn and Catch a Flick in Bed.

With devices like the new iPad and new macbook pro which both feature above HD Retina Displays, people will be going to movie theaters less and less. HD televisions are becoming more and more affordable, and people can no longer justify going out to see the latest clone of a Romantic comedy, paying 11 dollars for a ticket, and spending another 15 dollars on food. Movie theaters know this. Many have installed brand-new surround sound systems and 4K projectors to provide a finer experience than the home, but with the wide availability of movies direct your home I’d expect that only major blockbusters such as the new dark knight film will draw large audiences.

Forget your wallet, pay with your phone

One tech writer I read recently put it that one day our grandkids would laugh when we tell them of how we paid for things with paper and plastic squares. With new technology such as Google Wallet, and with older technologies such as paypal we will see a lot more people paying with their phones in 2013. Apple is definitely interested in getting some skin in the game. ¬†Passbook which will be available in iOS 6 is definitely a step towards replacing part of your wallet with your phone (mostly the organizational part), but I’m positive that Apple will release their own payment system in late 2012 or 2013 to go along with the near-field technology which will likely be included in the new iPhone.

And there’s more

There are so many changes afoot that I decided to make this a series of posts. Check back tomorrow for more (Or if you’re reading later, click the link below)
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