Adobe Story Scriptwriting Software Review

Are you a screenwriter? If the answer is no, it shouldn’t be because anybody can write a script with Adobe story. Free as part of the Adobe Creative Suite, and possibly still free for trial is Adobe Story, a screenwriting Application which is better designed than any of the 10+ I’ve ever used.

The great thing about Adobe story is that it is based almost entirely off of the cloud. The application can be used as a web app or a desktop app, and it syncs to the cloud automatically. There is even an ios app for reading scripts (scripts can not be edited from the IOS App 🙁 ).

 Creating different kinds of scripts is a breeze with the built in autoformating for several formats including regular and AV scripts. Exporting is available for a variety of formats and works well.

The best part about Adobe Story is the intergrated automatic script breakdowns. Your script is part of a package on the Adobe database which is your project. With only a few clicks, you can automatically create scene breakdowns, character breakdowns and bios, props breakdowns and more. It’s a producer’s dream because it’s so easy, and it’s compatible with Adobe’s production apps so script can easily be used for metadata and such.

My only gripe is that Adobe doesn’t sell this separately as well. Instead of needing the Adobe CS or an app from the CS to get it, I would prefer to see an additional standalone payment option for maybe $200 like Final Draft. Still, this is the best screenwriting app I’ve seen, and if you have a CS5 or higher CS app you can use your adobe account to get a free account today. Check it out and get working on that movie you’ve always been wanting to write.

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