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So what if I were to tell you I wanted to communicate with peers from China, I spoke no Chinese, they spoke no English, and we only had five minutes. If I said we could verbally communicate, you would call me crazy, but that’s where you’re wrong. You can, as long as you have an iPhone, and iTranslate Voice (read below).

In my testing in three languages, itranslate was fairly accurate in picking up my words, and it worked very smoothly to translate them. For spanish, which I know decently, it seemed about 65-70% accurate but I enjoyed that the pronunciations were spot on. As for long sentences, it’s possible, but for sentences with 7+ words it may take 2-3 tries (at least) to get the translation exactly right.

With itranslate Voice for iPhone for only 99 cents, you can communicate in 15+ languages and over 20 dialects. It’s fascinating. The technology, and the interface behind the magic is modeled like Siri, the famous voice control application built into the iPhone 4S. It works beautifully. Simply set the languages you would like to communicate between, press one of the two language buttons, and speak and the app will do the rest, translating your words into speech in the other language. An even nice feature is that it works both ways. Thanks to the dual button interface, you can pretty much carry out a conversation.

iTranslate Voice is an impressive app, and a must buy for those of you who need to speak to someone speaking another language (or those of you who like to have fun- l love translating my words into random languages and hearing them played back). It’s a blast, so give this genuine cool app a try!

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