“Slow and steady Wins the Race”- Verizon

Your iphone is so slow? It must be Apple’s fault…eh…not quite. You see, if it’s an issue with online apps and web browsing, it’s likely your carrier that’s causing you the problem. In my case, Verizon is the cause of my troubles. Verizon advertises 1Mbps Download speeds, but for the top 5% of data users, they slow you down.

Throttled iphone Test Results: .64 MBps Download/.04 MBps Upload speed
Throttled iphone
unthrottled iphone test Results: 1.33 MBps Download/.11 MBps Upload
Unthrottled Iphone

 This isn’t a little slowdown. As you can see from the tests I ran below on two iphones side by side at the same time on the same network, the throttled one performed more than 50% better. It’s frustrating that the people that actually use the data they buy are penalized. It’s like Dominos giving smaller pizzas to people who eat all of their pizza, and larger pizzas to those who couldn’t even finish the smaller size.

I’m not quite sure what to do. When I use my phone, it takes 50% more time to find an answer than what I’m paying for. I could sue. In February a man from California won damages in a California Small Claims Court for throttling. But I think it would set a bad example to flood our already stretched justice system.

So what is the answer? What can us heavy users do to curb the scam? Who knows? If you have an idea, leave it in the comments because it’s time we do something.

The Boys at Verizon HQ
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